TEKES Future Watch at Your Service

In 2017, we have witnessed quick changes in the global politics followed by fuzzy horizons. In a time of uncertainty, understanding of where business environments are heading is especially important. Need for strategic analyses and knowledge sense making is critically important. Team Finland is at the forefront of tackling this challenge. Our global foresight team follows trends and signals in politics, economies, environmental and technological development as well as societal changes.

In 2016, a new digital application Oppspace was launched.

Global Team Finland network proactively seeks business relevant information to meet the needs of Finnish companies. The findings are processed into sales leads, business opportunities and country outlooks. The strategic foresight function is called Future Watch, and it analyses changes in global phenomena, such as the formation of new markets and the development of future demand. China is one of our focus areas. New reports and interesting foresight surveys will be published throughout the year.

We invite you to follow the material at https://www. marketopportunities.fi/