About Us

By the Companies for the Companies

Finnish Business Council Shanghai – FBCS – is the networking platform for Finnish companies operating in the Greater Shanghai region. We have been set up the companies, and represent companies in Team Finland here in Shanghai.

As of August 05, 2019 FBCS hds altogether 176 members; 135 Corporate members, 3 Team Finland members, 10 individual members, 22 Young Professional members and 6 Honorary members. The majority of the corporate members are Finnish SME’s with only one location in China. 

Member Benefits

Joining the FBCS will open up the avenue for networking. Main benefits are:

  • Network within the Shanghai business environment
  • Invitations to events with visiting dignitaries from Finland (ministers, mayors, etc.) 
  • Direct communication channel to Team Finland China 
  • Membership prices on all events & access to “Members Only” events 
  • 2-3 Member Company visits per year
  • Free information sharing, incl. a monthly Newsletter
  • Free entry to FBCS HR Group for Chinese-speaking HR employees
  • Free entry to FBCS Finance & Legal Group for Chinese-speaking employees
  • In total we have around 40 hours of free, Chinese-language training in support functions per term