Words from FBCS Board Member Sanna Varjonen

Author: Miia Tähtinen

In today’s hectic world, in all possible social medias, where interactions and communication between people are not restricted to the place or time, I see that face-to-face contacts become maybe even more important than ever before. We need personal connections to create our social capital, which supports us to succeed in business. You get an opportunity to share your expertise, support others and learn by yourself.

People, you have met are more likely to remember you and your company. They are more likely to recommend you and your company services to their friends, connections and network, whether it is for business or for private life. Making connections with people and at the same time building your network can benefit you and your business in ways that you may not notice immediately, only after years – but one day you will appreciate that. This publication provides essential information on Finnish companies operating in China, and it is a good source for starting business connections and social networking in China (especially for the newcomers).

Being part of FBCS is one of the best and, let me say also one of the easiest, networking ways in Shanghai. I have been happy and honored to be part of this amazing professional network the over past six years here in Shanghai, and one day, when returning back to Finland I believe these connections will stay. Let’s all of us use FBCS actively as one of the face-to-face platforms for our networking. Finland 100 brings all of us together this year. It is an opportunity to celebrate our beautiful home country, and at the same time, through various happenings, it offers one more platform for face-to-face networking. It helps us to keep the connections alive with our friends and to create new ones for our future.

I wish a very active year to all of us; we all build FBCS together.