Greetings From the Consul General of Finland in Shanghai

Author: FredericA RiviereA



Having just started my assignment as Consul-General of Finland in Shanghai, I am eager to get to work with and know better the Finnish business community present here.

Before coming to Shanghai in early June 2019, I had the opportunity to visit a good number of businesses, business associations and other stakeholders in Finland. It was gratifying to note how much interest Shanghai and its surrounding provinces attract among the Finnish business operators back in Finland, at the highest levels at the headquarters and among various other stakeholder groups.

The number of Finnish businesses in Shanghai ranks among the highest anywhere outside of Europe. The number of Finnish nationals residing is among the highest as compared to any city in Asia. The population in the city of Shanghai together with the four surrounding provinces that the Consulate General covers – Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Anhui - is more than 270 million, only a little shy on the population of the USA.

Shanghai as “the city of the future”, combined with the global megatrends such as sustainable development, environment and climate friendly technologies, green and sustainable finance, circular economy, and focus on innovations provide huge opportunities for Finnish businesses, expertize and know-how.

Finland’s government-related internationalization services in Shanghai are organised under the Team Finland umbrella. The Consulate General, Business Finland in Shanghai, and the business incubator FinChi work extremely closely – as a team but following a clear division of labor with complementary and value-adding roles for each - thus getting the best possible synergy out of the system. The Finnish Business Council is a key partner in this collaboration.

The global business and trade environment, with more uncertainties, trade conflicts between major powers, protectionist views, and generally more unpredictable developments in the world have their implications on the strategic and operational business levels. Team Finland is particularly well suited to support Finnish companies in these turbulent times also with new challenges.

If we can make Team Finland work as well as intended, a company can approach any part of the TF network and be guided to get the kind of service it needs.

I feel privileged to lead Team Finland work in Shanghai. To work with, to support and assist Finnish businesses wishing to expand, develop or begin their operations in the Shanghai region is a strong priority for the Consulate General.

Please be in touch and let us discuss how Team Finland Shanghai can help you!


Pasi Hellman

Consul General of Finland