Greetings From the Consul General of Finland in Shanghai

Author: FredericA RiviereA

Dear member of the Finnish Business Council in Shanghai,

Shanghai hosts one of the largest congregations of Finnish people outside of Europe. About half of the around 380 Finnish companies present in China operate in Shanghai or surrounding provinces. There is a good reason for this: since China began opening up to the world, Shanghai has been in the front of the booming economic development and aims to be a leading global innovation center long into the future.

Finnish presence in Shanghai is organized around an active Team Finland that brings together the statefunded internationalization services - Consulate General and Business Finland - and the Finnish Business Council. The business incubator FinChi and the newly reestablished Shanghai Finns are also an integral part of the Shanghai Finnish community.

Team Finland Shanghai is an increasingly international community anchored strongly in China. Its members promote Sino-Finnish relations on an even widening front in Shanghai and the provinces - Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Anhui - where we represent Finland.

The Consulate General as part of Team Finland is here to help you open doors and get access to high-level authorities. We help your employees, customers and business partners in visa and consular issues. As part of our country branding work we can assist you when you want to give a Finnish flavor to your product or idea. My residence in the French Concession is available to rent for your company events. And this is just to mention a few things that Team Finland Shanghai can do for you.

It may sometimes be difficult to know whom to approach in what matter within the large Shanghai Finnish community. Team Finland coordinator Ms. Elina Rimppi ( is there to help you find you find the right person.

China’s importance to global economic growth will only grow with the continuing emergence of a huge middle class and transformation of Chinese industry into new areas. Finland definitely wants to be part of this story.

China is a continent-sized country with vast opportunities, but it is also a challenging market. Together we punch way beyond our weight.

Next major event in Shanghai will be the China Import Expo in November. Finland will have a strong presence at the expo and I am looking forward to seeing many of you there.

I feel honored and glad to lead the work of the vibrant Sino-Finnish community in Shanghai. Let’s work together to make the coming years even more successful and productive.