Finland has a New Ambassador in China

Author: Miia Tähtinen

Mr Jarno Syrjälä will be transferred to Beijing from his current duties of the Director General of the Department for Africa and the Middle East at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Earlier he has served as Finland’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Mr Syrjälä has also worked at Finland´s diplomatic missions in Berlin, Washington D..C., Ramallah, Tel Aviv and Jakarta.

He gave s message to FBCS Members:

The relations between China and Finland are excellent. This has been proved again during our centenary celebration year. A good number of contacts and visits have taken place, including the one of President Xi Finland. There is a solid basis for our future work and endeavors.

I wish to create good and lively contacts with the Sino-Finnish community and organizations like the Finnish Business Council. The Embassy continues to serve and protect all Finnish interests. Let’s keep in touch!